How to fix the U.S… of A — Part 2

We are what we consume… Whether it’s food or information. What happened yesterday was a dark day in history. The big techs are too slow to react, the officials were too reluctant to respond, and the people were too divided to communicate.

How to fix it? How to fix America, if there’s a way to fix it.

While streaming live broadcasts of “Occupy Capitol” turned riot among all, but one, major news networks on YouTube, I wandered and laughed at the comments on Reddit in the comfort of my own home, hundreds of miles away from D.C. Today I watched a segment from Tucker, where he talked about potential causes, which was not wrong (Doesn’t make it right!), with suggestive solutions (Nothing concrete) and ended it saying “it’s not your fault” to the viewers who watch it and make decision partially based on the information they received from watching it, including who they should/want to vote and which issue they ought to support. In the same segment, he also narrowed in on the woman who was shot to death and contrast her with the protestors who were tear-gassed. This is ironic, in my opinion, when one of his pleads was unity. What could be a more concrete solution?

Term Limit and Ranked-Choice Voting

Time changes, so should people, or the people representing the people. One of the things I agreed with Tucker was the so-called “establishment” politics. We wouldn’t be where we are today had we not have term limits and partisan politics. In George Washington’s Farewell Address, he commented on the dangers of political parties. We have implemented a two-terms Term Limit on the presidency inspired by Washington’s willingness to step down after two terms. We should also implement other comments of his in the address.

  1. Term-Limit for ALL representative offices — The Senate should be limited by 2 terms of 12 years, the house should be limited by 5 terms of 10 years, and the Supreme Court Justices should be limited to a single term of 20 years. While the Senate and the House are publicly elected, SCJ is indirectly elected through a president’s nomination and the Senate’s confirmation. The decisions by SCJ have a lasting impact on the people, however votes and idealogy change with time. It’s far too easy if for a special interest group to slew the legal system if the court is not on the side of the people. A single term of 20 years ensures there will not be a need for a Justice to “campaign” for renomination while being long enough to represent a full generation.
  2. Ranked-Choice (S.T.V)—The idea is simple (implementing it will be a bit harder), records ALL the rankings of voters and loop them through the following flow-chart. This system will prevent the spoiling effect that led to our current two-party system, it will also be more presentational to the people. In case you are wondering which candidate would get the second choice after a candidate wins. This will be when we would do it based on the ratio of two, third… until the system would give the results on all of our candidates.

3. Banned organized political parties for the Executive Branch — It’s impossible to stop the formation of a political party. However, the Executive Branch should continue the operation of the government even if the congress is in a gridlock. One way is to punish the chamber that causes the gridlock by ejecting them from their office. Another way is to have a “non-partisan” president who would work with all the different factions in Congress. The congress’ job is to pass laws, this should not stop the functions of a government. How would we do accomplish that? One way is to bar any presidential candidates who have a record of recent, within 6 years, party affiliation, including the candidate’s personal circle. Furthermore, allow party members to endorse multiple candidates, maybe with Rack-Choice? In addition, there are also other ideas I think we could apply to the Executive Branch (More to be discussed later).

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